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About Rick Brown

Rick Brown is a 20+ year veteran of industrial business to business marketing. In 2003, Rick founded NetTrack Marketing based on the critical need manufacturers have to be accessible to buyers and specifiers via the Internet.

Google Plus: Anything In It For Industrial Manufacturers?

Google Plus is replete with intelligent business-minded people who have vigorously taken the reigns. The leaders in this platform are smart, business savvy and articulate. In her article: "An Open Letter to Manufacturing Companies."Leah Hoppes of Marketing Musings makes the case that the B2B world has turned the corner and found a legitimate venue for social sharing.

Product Manufacturing Incorporates Fun

Volkswagen (Sweden) has been working on a creativity initiative to build fun into manufactured goods. The engineers working on the project believe that an easy way to change people's behavior for the better is by making products (even a staircase) fun to use.