Google Algorithm Changes: What You May Not Know

Since its inception, Google has implemented a number of algorithm changes to enhance the user experience and deliver the most relevant search engine results available on the web. Google engineers have long championed the mantra, “build a better tool and they will come.” Depending on how a site is optimized, shifting winds emanating from The Googleplex can foreshadow an impending beat-down in rankings or signal vindication for online marketers playing by the rules.

No Offer? No Response.

Denny Hatch, a well-known copy writing trainer makes a case for focusing your attention on creating offers when writing online copy. His article in Target Marketing magazine provides some succinct advice on creating offers from several marketing pros including:Gary Kauffman, Axel Andersson, Bob Hacker and Claude Hopkins.

Understanding Keywords Within the Context of a Searcher

Great article by Shari Thurow this morning in Search Engine Land. This is a classic example of the value to be found “walking a  mile in your prospective customer’s shoes.” I have made this case many times when talking with our clients about the content  writing approach and initial keyword discovery on their websites. As

Reviewing Your Company’s Key Search Phrases

Exactly which key phrases do searchers use to access your site? And in what frequency are those key phrases used? This information comes from referencing the log file data on your website’s server. Log files continuously record information about visits to and through your website. Recorded information includes the exact search term visitors to your site typed in before accessing your website.