Google Algorithm Changes: What You May Not Know

Since its inception, Google has implemented a number of algorithm changes to enhance the user experience and deliver the most relevant search engine results available on the web. Google engineers have long championed the mantra, “build a better tool and they will come.” Depending on how a site is optimized, shifting winds emanating from The Googleplex can foreshadow an impending beat-down in rankings or signal vindication for online marketers playing by the rules.

No Offer? No Response.

Denny Hatch, a well-known copy writing trainer makes a case for focusing your attention on creating offers when writing online copy. His article in Target Marketing magazine provides some succinct advice on creating offers from several marketing pros including:Gary Kauffman, Axel Andersson, Bob Hacker and Claude Hopkins.

Understanding Keywords Within the Context of a Searcher

Great article by Shari Thurow this morning in Search Engine Land. This is a classic example of the value to be found “walking a  mile in your prospective customer’s shoes.” I have made this case many times when talking with our clients about the content  writing approach and initial keyword discovery on their websites. As