Denny Hatch, who writes for Target Marketing magazine and is the author of a number of books on Direct Mail advertising wrote a piece on the heightened importance of the offer in online marketing.
“Success in direct mail,” wrote the legendary guru Ed Mayer many years ago, “is 40 percent lists, 
40 percent offer and 20 percent everything else.” On the Internet, lists count the least.

masthead-taarget marketing

Names are so cheap, you can blitz the world practically for free.

Hatch makes his case well and offers succinct advice on creating offers from several marketing pros including:

  • Gary Kauffman
  • Axel Andersson
  • Bob Hacker
  • Claude Hopkins
  • Malcolm Decker
  • Dick Benson

As an old-school direct mail guy, Hatch is keen to what we at NetTrack Marketing commonly refer to as real metrics – “Did your marketing generate any sales?” As Hatch says, “It’s only direct response practitioners who love accountability; their brothers and sisters in general advertising are scared to death of it.”

Worth your time to read…