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Manufacturing Jobs Are Returning to US

“Re-shoring” or “rebalancing” - call it what you like, manufacturing jobs returning to the United States include local motorcycle designer / manufacturer Cleveland CycleWerks which is bringing the manufacturing of their bikes home. Formerly manufactured in China, the motorcycles will soon be produced in a 60,000 ft. factory right here in Cleveland, Ohio.

Watching For The Ads On A Show About Pitching Advertising

The Monday, May 7th episode of AMC's "The Pitch" shows two advertising agencies attempting to win the opportunity to create something of a first - a tri-branded national campaign for three brands, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning and Mister Sparky will review the proposed marketing campaigns. This episode is a little close to my heart because of our work in helping both define the brand and market the national membership organization 1-800-SWEEPER - a national consortium of individually-owned street sweeping companies.

Understanding Keywords Within the Context of a Searcher

Great article by Shari Thurow this morning in Search Engine Land. This is a classic example of the value to be found “walking a  mile in your prospective customer’s shoes.” I have made this case many times when talking with our clients about the content  writing approach and initial keyword discovery on their websites. As

Reviewing Your Company’s Key Search Phrases

Exactly which key phrases do searchers use to access your site? And in what frequency are those key phrases used? This information comes from referencing the log file data on your website’s server. Log files continuously record information about visits to and through your website. Recorded information includes the exact search term visitors to your site typed in before accessing your website.

Evaluating Referral Sites

Your website should receive traffic from a variety of sources. This is an overall indicator of the breadth of your marketing program. Sources include links from other websites, directories, and paid online marketing such as pay-per-click (PPC) or pay-for-inclusion advertising. Each of the methods has its own advantages over and above the fact that it provides valuable traffic.