Torturing my kids with my “professional interest” in advertising used to be a fun sport before the DVR – Digital Video Recorder – took hold, allowing them to skip past ads while we are watching TV together. Not that I think all advertising is great, but I continue to harbor a secret belief that I can gain some insights for my industrial, commercial and manufacturing clientele by watching and looking at quality ads targeting consumers. After all, in the end we are all consumers, right?

So I am especially pleased that an upcoming episode of AMC’s show “The Pitch” will air the exploits of 2 rival ad agencies pitching for the business of a 3-part national services co-op. “The Pitch” chronicles the incredible lengths, intense stakes and tight deadlines top advertising agencies encounter when they take aim at a major new piece of business. The series follows high-level creative shops as they prepare advertising campaigns knowing that in the end, it all comes down to the pitch.

The Monday, May 7th episode will show two agencies attempting to win the opportunity to create something of a first – a tri-branded national campaign. Executives from Sarasota, FL-based Clockwork Home Services, the parent company of the three brands, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning and Mister Sparky will review the proposed marketing campaigns.

AMC The Pitch

Ben Franklin Plumbing is one of 3 brands being tied together in the upcoming episode of "The Pitch" on AMC

This episode is a little close to my heart because of our work in helping both define the brand and market the national membership organization 1-800-SWEEPER – a national consortium of individually-owned street sweeping companies. The member-based, non-franchised group was formed to allow the individual, local-market based companies to compete for large-scale, regional and national sweeping contracts while sharing cooperatively in national and regional search marketing.

As usual, I’ll be paying attention to the ads that air between segments.