Exactly which key phrases do searchers use to access your site? And in what frequency are those key phrases used? This information comes from referencing the log file data on your website’s server. Log files continuously record information about visits to and through your website. Recorded information includes the exact search term visitors to your site typed in before accessing your website.

Rather than looking at this data in “raw form,” a marketing professional can review a simple spreadsheet showing both quantity and variety of search terms used.

In addition to the “top 15 likely suspect phrases,” you will see many (even hundreds) of single-time-use, very specific phrases that are leading to the site.

As long as these phrases describe your company’s capabilities, this is very good. The above-mentioned pattern of one-off phrase access means your website contains a depth and breadth of content capable of attracting visits from sophisticated searchers. More experienced searchers typically use more complex and specific search terms (e.g. phrases like “glycol measuring inline refractometer.”) Monthly reporting and analysis should be used to further refine and, if needed, add content to your website.